Revise and Regroup

Happy Friday to everyone! It has been another long week for me – but look, I’m making time now, aren’t I? So it can’t have been so bad.


I have done my best to reflect on the themes I mentioned in Monday’s post and have come up with a somewhat unfinished, very simple plan. This is not to say that I am going to give up all the goals I was currently working on. That is certainly not the case. However, I am only going to focus on three very simple goals, on a daily basis (at least for now):

  1. Planning (utilize Franklin-Covey planner throughout day, coordinate paper planning with work-related Outlook planning)
  2. Choose Happiness (most recently inspired by this post on The Change Blog)
  3. Record Habits (using Habit Judo)

I am starting the above 3 goals TODAY. Expect to see revisions to the “Goals” page, as well as some new additions to the “Reading List” very soon.

The purpose of this change is to simplify and start with the basics. Of course I am going to continue on my journey of quitting wake-up caffeine, quitting smoking, eating healthy (although I do not think we will renew our CSA membership as it was just too much food for us to handle on top of the OAMM cooking), and blogging. I certainly will not just be giving up on those goals which I am making progress in. I just want to eliminate some of the pressure, and minimalize the flurry of thoughts in my head on a daily basis.

“Such as are thy habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of thy soul – for the soul is dyed by thy thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

In the meantime, there are some loose ends I would like to close up in this post – items I’ve been meaning to mention, discuss, and follow up on. I apologize for the scattered effect that will have – but I promise to be more organized and concise from now on. Smile


First of all, I wanted to mention some of the new strategies I have employed for keeping my goals and mission statement in the forefront of my thoughts. I have added a “sticky note” to my homepage with my mission statement and current goals/daily tasks (the 3 mentioned above ONLY). I have also added a 3×5 bookmark (I prefer a version that Levenger makes, which has a little slit at the top of the 3×5 card so that you can attach it to another piece of paper like a bookmark) to my planner that I move from day to day which has my current goals/daily tasks on the front, and my mission statement on the back. Now that I am keeping my planner open at my desk at work and on my counter at home, and considering I have my homepage open at work almost all day long, this keeps my simple goals and purpose in my thoughts all day long and because I have kept them so minimal, they aren’t too much to overwhelm me.

In addition, I never really summarized my progress during my week off. There isn’t a whole lot to report. I did a lot of relaxing, some of which was mindless. I also got a good amount of tasks accomplished, such as organizing my bathroom shelves, some of which had been on my list for months. I did not make a lot of goal progress that week – but I did do more self-care than usual and was getting in a great groove of waking up early, before the time changed.


One of the resources I utilized during that time, was the free version of the Lefkoe method. I had clicked through a link on Steve Pavlina’s site and, while my first impression was that it appeared a little cheesy, I actually did glean some value from it. I chose to eliminate the belief “I’m not good enough.” It’s hard for me to tell if it has been fully successful or not (I think mostly because of my skepticism in general), but it was an insightful and liberating process. I would recommend trying it.

Lastly, as I mentioned last week, I have undergone a major research project with regards to my pursuit of meaningful income. At some point, there will be a long, extensive post on the subject – or possible a free e-book! However, due to the incredibly large number of wonderful resources I have found, it might be a while before I feel organized enough to gather it into one place. For now, you will notice my occasional adding of new sites to the blogroll and “Reading List” that you can check out on your own, if interested.

Have a great weekend everyone! I plan to tackle my taxes . . .


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